Pizzeria Va banque

The Va banque pizzeria and restaurant is situated in an antique building in the centre of Wieliczka, close to the parish church of St. Clement and 300 m away from the salt mine. There are 50 seats available.
Pizza is the main course in our restaurant. unique taste and flavour is achieved by the hand-knead pastry made according to the carefully worked out recipe and baked in a bread oven fuelled by the beech and birch wood. Apart from the pizzas the menu is rich in dishes of Polish and regional cuisine. The fish and some meat dishes are roasted in the bread oven.

Va banque has a specific warm atmosphere of an old kitchen not only thanks to the location of the oven in the customers' hall, where the process of baking can be watched, but also to its traditional setting. We hope that the time spent in our pizzeria will be the source of an interesting gastronomical experience which will stay in your memory for a long time..